Getting Started

At the age of 6, Bradley started engineering concert recordings along side his father. This piqued his interest in audio and from there began the long pursuit to his inevitable career.

A few days after graduating from High School in a small Connecticut town, Bradley interviewed and was then employed by the Entertainment Sports Programming Network (ESPN). Spending three years on staff, Bradley trained as a Video/Shading operator and soon became the "go-to" operator for regular and specialty broadcasts of SportsCenter and other ESPN studio shows. He also took the time to learn and operate Jib and Steadicam. In August, 2007, Bradley decided to return to college to obtain a degree, and returned to Freelancing.

At the same time he was trying to acclimate himself with his new college surroundings, Bradley returned to the freelance market working as a runner and utility while trying to break back into DP work. Shortly after he began consulting for the University of Connecticut student television station, "UCTV" and began working with the Media Services Department of Eastern Connecticut State University. This provided him the opportunity to return to shooting and to clench what he was looking for. From there, Bradley's client base began to swell very quickly as he made his valiant comeback to the EFP/EJ/ENG market. Since establishing ÓConċhobhair Productions, Bradley has worked all over the continental United States providing freelance DP, EJ, EFP, and ENG services.

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Bradley has been honored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences with four Emmys and a total of 34 nominations.

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